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Cosmos, Mind & Soul



A variety of fields has been considered in accounting for observations in cosmology, physics, biology, and consciousness. Laszlo reviews the field theories currently emerging at the leading edge of science research.

Ideas to Explore

Physical Fields

In basic physics, physically real fields include gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear. Additional quantum fields also exist, postulated as manifestations of of a unified energy domain associated with the quantum vacuum. Physically real fields are unobservable but produce observable effects. The probability field of quantum physics, however, is a purely abstract field.
[p. 41 Laszlo]

Biological Fields

Biological fields were first proposed in the 1920s but they were for the most part replaced by biochemical theories by the last decades of the twentieth century. However, a few biologists continued developing field theories, notably a morphic field proposed by Rupert Sheldrake. However, by 2000 fields were being considered again, including the electrical and magnetic fields generated by cells and tissues and altered by pathologies. One researcher has discovered a holographic-like electrical field in the body, offering new opportunities to explain acupuncture, holistic medicine and providing means of assessing the degree of coherence in the mind-body system. [pp. 43-46 Laszlo]

Transpersonal Fields

The evidence of transpersonal coherence seems to require a field for the transmission of information between and among individuals. The current view of the brain as a macroscopic quantum system provides the framework for the likelihood of extrasensory communication between the brain and a surrounding quantum field. [pp. 47-48 Laszlo]

The A-Field

In the theory of everything (TOE) that Laszlo presents, the Akashic Field (A-field) is a unifying, cosmic information field expanding and replacing the hypothesized fields described, above.

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