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It appears to me that those who rely simply on the weight of authority to prove any assertion, without searching out the arguments to support it, act absurdly. I wish to question freely and to answer freely without any sort of adulation. That well becomes any who are sincere in the search for truth. 
                                                              - Vincenzo Galilei (Galileo's father)

V. Galilei


The purpose of this website is simply to enable, facilitate, and support the discovery, exploration, and exchange of ideas, concepts, and experiences related to the cosmos, mind and soul and, thereby, to contribute to their unfolding.

Like cosmos, mind, and soul this website is itself in the process of unfolding. In internet terms, it is--and will always be--under  construction.

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The navigation bar appears on every page, providing links to each of the four main topics--Cosmos, Mind, Soul and Theory of Everything (TOE)--and to other website features.


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Concept maps are used on this website.

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Most pages on this website have a revision number and date. The revision number is a very subjective indicator of the completeness of the page. If it is less than 1.0.0, the page is not considered complete; the closer to 1.0.0 the more complete it is. A major revision number, #, is -.#.-; a minor one is  -.-.#.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
                                                                                          - Arthur C. Clarke

Any sufficiently advanced psychology is indistinguishable from mysticism.
                                                                                          - Tom Nielsen

I would caution the reader to adhere to a maxim once issued by Warren McCulloch: "Do not bite my finger; look where I am pointing."
                                                                                          - Karl Pribram