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The Brain and Intention


One of the anomalies of the prevailing worldview is that a supposed non-material epi-phenomenon, mind, seemingly affects a material entity, the brain;   further that the material brain produces something immaterial, mind.

Quantum theory and clinical research address issues related to intention, attention, will and mental force and their effects on the brain.

Ideas to Explore

A Hard  Problem? 

Matter is not entirely void of consciousness, and consciousness is not fully separated from matter.

Attention, Intention and Will

Mental acts of attention, intention and will correlate with brain structures and they shape brain structures and functioning.

Mental Force

The quantum mind/brain can do what the classical mind/brain cannot.

Quantum Effects of Intention

PET imaging reveals systematic cerebral changes after psychological treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

brain scans with and without O C D
   Source: OCD: A Clinical Perspective