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The Quantum Brain


In the past two decades great strides have been made in theorizing about and investigating the brain. Philosophers, physicists, physicians, psychologists and other scientists and researchers have published books, presented papers, and discussed and debated their work and the work of others in conferences and on the internet.

Though many competing theories, models, and findings abound, it is clear, even now with so much yet to be understood, that quantum processes do play and absolutely fundamental role in the workings of the brain and the phenomena we call consciousness and mind.

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Quantum Properties

Quanta, waveforms, particles, entanglement, non-locality, tunneling, condensates, coherence

Quantum Brain Processes

Concept map of quantum brain processes

Contributors to the  Quantum Brain Debate

In the past decade, many papers and books have been published concerning the role of quantum processes, the brain and consciousness. Among scientists, researchers and others upon whose work this website was developed are:


Evan Harris Walter, a physicist who wrote a personal account of his scientific belief in a quantum mind and the meaning of life;


Stuart Hameroff, an anesthesiologist and researcher who, for more than twenty-five years, has investigated, reported and debated the role of microtubules in quantum computations in cells in the brain and elsewhere;


Jeffery Satinover, a psychiatrist and quantum physicist who, building on Hameroff's work and similar work of other researchers and theorists, illuminates the evidence and extends the theory of a quantum brain;


Henry Stapp, a physicist who argues the case for a quantum perspective for mind, consciousness and the brain and a Mindful Universe; and


Ervin Laszlo, a philosopher of science, systems theorist, educator and world leader who offers an integral theory of everything in which a quantum brain plays a central role.


A highly contentious debate goes on over consciousness and the nature of quantum processes in the brain. For example, materialist/reductionist philosopher, Patricia Churchland and Rick Grush scathingly remarked that the Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff idea of consciousness and quantum brain processes "is no better supported than any one of a gazillion caterpillar-with-hookah hypotheses. "  Penrose and Hameroff responded with a cartoon depicting Churchland and Grush as ostriches with their heads buried deep in the sand. [p. 160, The Quantum Brain]

cartoon of a caterpillar smoking a hookah

Reply to Grush and Churchland

More Neural Than Thou
(Reply to Pat Churchland's "Brainshy ")