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In recent years a great deal of research has addressed the functioning of the brain by various means including PET and fMRI imaging. These studies are revealing what brain structures and metabolic changes are involved as various thought processes occur. However, these studies do not show how the cells, chemical and electrical processes produce the sensations, thoughts and feelings that are experienced as consciousness.
[p. 144 Laszlo]

Defining Brain

The brain: An apparatus with which we think we think.
                --Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary (1906)

Ideas to Explore

A Look at the Brain

Illustrations, explanations, and images of the brain

fMRI, PET and EEG Brain Imaging


Researching Brain Processes

Quantum Brain

Quantum processes in the brain

Holographic Brain

Karl Pribram's model of a holographic brain (circa 1971)

Holographic Brain Theory

Comparison between Karl Pribram's theory and more conventional models of neuronal computation

Intention-induced Brain Changes

Neuroplasticity and the power of mental force

Brainwave Entrainment

Binaural sound induces hemispheric coherence; alpha, beta, delta & theta brainwaves

Roadmap to the Brain

 graphic of left view of the brain

Brain Scanning

MRI scanner