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Opening to the Infinite  Workshop


The last weekend in September 2006, I attended a workshop, Opening to the Infinite, on nonlocal awareness and remote viewing in Austin, Texas. In the beautiful facility and setting at The Crossings, fourteen of us learned about and experienced, first hand, these consciousness-expanding ideas from the renowned remote viewing researcher and teacher, Stephan Schwartz. Here is a limited description of several of the remote viewing activities and some of my personal experiences.


Two activities involved remote viewing an object selected randomly from a set of five photographs of different objects. Another activity involved remote viewing in real time a location selected randomly and visited and videotaped by a two-person team. The final activity involved remote viewing the year 2050, an ongoing project Stephan Schwartz has conducted for many years.

Remote Viewing

For object remote viewing, participants were asked to:

  •  intend to view the object to be randomly selected later;
  • close their eyes and visualize the object and draw sketches of their visualization;
  • answer a series of questions about properties of the object; and, finally
  • redraw their sketches.

Once these tasks were completed a random number was selected and the target photo in the numbered file was revealed. Participants then compared, evaluated and discussed their sketches and answers vis-a-vis the target photograph.

Remote Viewing

For location remote viewing:

  • a team of two persons selected and placed the names of three local sites in unmarked envelops;
  • the envelops were then numbered 1,2 and 3; and
  • one remote viewer randomly chose a number (3) selecting the envelop of the location to be visited.

While the team was visiting and videotaping the selected site, the remote viewers

  • consciously intended to view the location,
  • closed their eyes and visualized the location,
  •  drew a sketch of their visualization,
  • answered a series of questions about things seen, felt, and sensed at the location and, finally,
  • redrew the sketch.

Once these tasks were completed the remote viewers waited the return of the team and then viewed the videotape made at the location. They then  compared, valuated and discussed their sketches and answers vis-a-vis the target location.

Remote Viewing Results

1. Notice the similarity of object form for the target and 2nd (right, final) sketch.

A number of remote viewers also had sketched a similar form.

2. Notice the arch in the foreground of the location sketch with buildings behind (not seen in the photo because of the trees).

I believe half or more of the remote views has some type of arch form in their sketches. Several had notes sensing prayer, music, plants (one team member offered a brief prayer in the church sanctuary; close-ups of some plants were videotaped).