Unfolding the Enfolded...

Cosmos, Mind & Soul

Rogue's Gallery: Some Contributors to the Unfolding


Here are but a few of the many contributors to the unfolding of the enfolded with links to some related references and web pages.

David Chalmers David Chalmers

David Chalmers' Home Page

Cosmic Consciousness For Tough Minds
Facing Up to the Problem of Consciousness

Brian Greene Brian Greene photo

The Elegant Universe
The Fabric of the Universe

Stuart Hameroff Stuart Hameroff

Quantum Consciousness
- Stuart Hameroff Home Page
What is Consciousness? - A Lecture with Slides
Toward a Science of Consciousness 2006 -
  Presentation Abstracts
Quantum States in Proteins and Protein Assemblies:
  The Essence of Life?
Orch OR Simulation

Nick Herbert Nick Herbert

Nick Herbert's Home Page

Quantum Reality - Book Review
Quantum Reality - Poem

Ervin Laszlo Stuart Hameroff photo

Science and the Akashic Field
Science and the Reenchantment of the Cosmos
The Connectivity Hypothesis
You Can Change the World - audio (3:54)
Evolving with Technology - an interview
New Concepts of Matter, Life and Mind
Subtle Connections: Psi, Grof, Jung, and
   the Quantum Vacuum
Consciousness In The Cosmos: Perspective of Mind

Vic Mansfield Vic Mansfield

Vic Mansfield's Home Page
Synchronicity, Science, and Soul Making
The Challenge of Synchronicity Time - Buddhism & Physics

Stephan Schwartz Stephan Schwartz photo

Stephan A. Schwartz's Home Page
Remote Viewing: The Modern Mental Martial Art
Opening to the Infinite

Rupert Sheldrake Rupert Sheldrake photo

Rupert Sheldrake Online

Morphic Resonance: Mind, Memory, Archetype
Natural Grace

James Redfield James Redfield

The Celestine Vision Home Page