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Quantum Reality


Nick Herbert provides a comprehensible exposition of quantum mechanics and the metaphysics of not one but eight quantum realities (circa 1985).

Quantum Reality book

Quantum theory works like a charm: it correctly predicts all the quantum facts we can measure plus plenty that we can't.... However, like a magician who has inherited a wonderful magic wand that works every time without his knowing why, the physicist is at a loss to explain quantum theory's marvelous success.

Different people looking at the same theory come up with profoundly different models of reality, all of them outlandish compared to the ordinary experience which constitutes both daily life and the quantum facts.... Which different picture of quantum reality you end up with depends on what parts of quantum theory you have taken seriously.

Quantum Reality #1. The Copenhagen interpretation, Part I
                               (There is no deep reality)

Quantum Reality #2. The Copenhagen interpretation, Part II
                               (Reality is created by observation)

Quantum Reality #3. Reality is an undivided wholeness.

Quantum Reality #4. The many-worlds interpretation.

Quantum Reality #5. Quantum logic.
                               (The world obeys a non-human kind of

Quantum Reality #6. Neo-realism.
                               (The world is made of ordinary objects)

Quantum Reality #7. Consciousness creates reality.

Quantum Reality #8. The duplex world of Werner Heisenberg.

                             - Excerpts from Quantum Reality