Unfolding the Enfolded...

Cosmos, Mind & Soul



We have a problem, a worldview problem. Throughout history, man has had various conceptions-- worldviews-- of the nature of the cosmos. The last revolution in Western cosmological thinking occurred nearly four hundred years ago. In 1619, Renĩ Descartes was given a vision of a mechanistic world, governed by immutable, eternal laws of Nature. It is the worldview adopted by science and the worldview that continues to dominate scientific thinking, today.

But advances in science, philosophy, and religion are leading us into a new era with a transformed worldview of the nature of the cosmos. Theories and facts from quantum physics, astrophysics, neurophysiology, psychology and religion are in the process of reformulating the worldview, from that of a mechanistic clockwork to one of a vital living cosmos. The discoveries of the nature of quantumstuff; the origin and evolution of the cosmos; the relativity of spacetime; the universal, holographic enfolded nature of mind and cosmos; and the non-local, acausal nature of the universe are all conspiring to lead us into another revolution of scientific and philosophical thought.

In other words, the new emerging worldview  is of a dynamic, living cosmos; a Nature evolving, composed of inseparable, enfolded structure, function, energy, matter and mind.  Like an acorn unfolding into a giant oak, like a fertilized egg unfolding into an adult being, the Big Bang is unfolding into a living cosmos.

Ideas to Explore


Cosmology involves metaphysical, and religious speculations and studies of the Universe, man and God[s]. 


Spacetime is the four dimensional nature of the observable physical world, in which the speed of light is a ruling constant affecting the relativity of spatial and temporal dimensions. 

Non-local Universe

Undisputable scientific evidence confirms that the reality of our universe is non-local, unbounded by time or space.

Holographic Order

The physics of holography entails storage of information is the patterns of interference of coherent waves of light, sound and other forms of energy.

Morphic Resonance

Morphic forms and morphic resonance under gird Rupert Sheldrake's concept of extended mind.

Waves and Particles

Observed matter is particular, yet the genesis of particles is in the form of dispersed waves.

Quantum Reality

Quantum reality is weird world, with properties and events contrary to everyday, commonsense experience.