Unfolding the Enfolded...

Cosmos, Mind & Soul


The Virtual & Manifest Domains

Two domains of reality follow from the connectivity hypothesis. The first is the (intrinsically unobservable, but inferable) virtual-energy domain which precedes the second, the (directly or instrumentally observable) manifest domain of particles and systems of particles in space and time. They are linked bi-directionally, the manifest domain structuring the virtual, and the virtual in-forming the manifest.

In-formation leads to the coherent evolution of the manifest domain, which in turn further structures the virtual domain. [Laszlo, p. 105]

Origin, Evolution & De-evolution of the Cosmos

According to Laszlo, in the beginning only the virtual domain existed,

...a spatially and temporally unbounded sea of fluctuating virtual energies: the pre-space of the manifest domain. When a region of this cosmic plenum manifest[ed] a critical instability, some fraction of the thereby liberated energies....[and] launched the evolutionary process with the know dimensions of space and time. [p. 106]

In the course of aeons irreversible processes exhaust the concentration of free energies [and] the evolution of manifest entities reverses ...[and they] die back into the energy sea of the virtual domain. [p. 108]

A single-cycle universe comes to eternal rest. But further instabilities in the virtual energy domain may occur, and these may be potent enough to create new universes. [p. 108]