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Nonlocal Universe


In 1965 John Bell offered a set of mathematical proofs for the non-local nature of the universe by demonstrating "that particles need not share the same local region of space to be intimately interconnected." (p. 14, 1997)

"A universe that displays local phenomena built on nonlocal reality is the only sort of world consistent with known facts and Bell's proof." (quoting David Bohm from 1980; cited on p. 15, 1997)

Ideas to Explore


Explanation, the hows & whys, and implications of quantum non-locality

Coherence &

Striking and significant qualitative nonlocal phenomena associated with coherent states, e.g., Bose-Einstein condensation  

Biological Utilization of Quantum

What appears as random pattern to the scientific method can be meaningful pattern to a living organism given non-locality. ‚