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Cosmos, Mind & Soul

Science & Belief


Physicist Henry Stapp offers a perspective on science, reason, belief and human values.


What you are, and will become, depends largely upon your values. Values arise from self-image: from what you believe yourself to be.

...where reason is honored, belief must be reconciled with empirical evidence. If you seek evidence for your beliefs about what you are, and how you fit into Nature, then science claims jurisdiction, or at least relevance. Physics presents itself as the basic science, and it is to physics that you are told to turn....a radical shift in the physics-based conception of man from that of an isolated mechanical automaton to that of an integral participant in a non-local holistic process that gives form and meaning to the evolving universe....

            --Henry Stapp, Mindful Universe  

Stapp goes on to provide a historical thumbnail sketch of the connection of science to values. He concludes by saying,

The alternative materialist view that the universe is completely controlled by localized microscopic mechanical properties, interacting with neighboring local properties in accordance with mindless rules---and in which our conscious thoughts are seen simply as re-organized expressions of this local mechanistic order---renders totally irrational any effort to strive to achieve a future judged to be more just or equitable, or better in any way.

This surrender to irrationality is an invitation to chaos....

A debased self image begets a debased life.

- Henry Stapp, Mindful Universe