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Can water be structured and does it have a memory?

Homeopathics say it is and does. Traditional scientists say it doesn't. In A Water Primer a retired chemist provides a traditional science primer on water to inform the debate.

Ideas to Explore

The Strange Case of Homeopathy

Homeopathy defies the laws of science, not to mention common sense. But rigorous studies show it just may work.

Structured Water

What is structured water and is it pseudoscience?

Altering Water with Intentions

In a fascinating book, Conscious Acts of Creation,  physicist William A. Tiller and others report on solid, scientific work  demonstrating that intentions can be imprinted on water.

Chapter 3 deals with or initial experiments on water and clearly shows that merely by placing the activiated IIED (intention imprinted electrical device) in proximity of a vessel of water that is being monitored for pH level, the pH of the water can be moved upwards or downwards (depending on the specific intention imprinted into the device) by a large amount. [ Teller et al, p. 11]