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Reality - Virtual & Manifest Domains


Universal connectivity makes reality unitary but it does not make it uniform: it can be analytically segmented into two principal domains. One is the manifest domain of (directly or instrumentally) observable particles and systems of particles; the other the virtual domain of the cosmic plenum, the energy sea from which the particles arise, with which they interact, and into which they ultimately fall back. The latter domain is intrinsically unobservable, but it is inferable through its effects on the observable domain....The interaction of these two domains generates the observable entities--the particles and systems of particles--of the universe. The virtual energy-domain is both the generative ground of these entities and the medium that correlated their state and informs their evolution.
[Laszlo, pp. 103-104]


Quantized particles and the systems  constituted of them are force-like, light-like, or (if endowed with rest-mass) matter-like, but in their ontological reality they are vibrating nodal points (distillations or crystallizations) of the energies of the virtual domain. Virtual energies become manifest from the virtual into the manifest domain--upon the "excitation" of the virtual domain by an intrinsic instability (as in the universe-creating explosion known as the Big Bang) or by the influx of a significant level of energy (as in ordinary pair-creation). They are sustained in the manifest domain by interaction with each other. In the absence of interaction, the particles do not exhibit the corpuscular properties that hallmark the manifest domain: they remain part of the underlying [virtual] domain without unique location in space and time.
[Laszlo, p. 104 ]