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Mind/body dualism has been a persistent problem troubling philosophy, science and religion. Today, however, new views of Mind are emerging which promise eventual resolution or elimination of the conceptual, theoretical and philosophical bases of the dilemma.

Let's begin by considering an emerging redefinition of the term, mind.

Although a conventional and widely accepted definition of mind is, in part,

the human consciousness that originates in the brain....
                --American Heritage College Dictionary,
                    3rd Edition

you will see that some amazing new ideas and developments-- in quantum physics, psychology, and metaphysics--are suggesting that

mind is a non-local phenomenon; intimately interrelated with energy/matter; established beyond the body/brain but working through them,

just as a television program originates outside but works through and interacts with the television set.

In this new defining view, mind is inseparable from energy/matter, establishing a scientific basis of wholeness, oneness, unity professed in many religious philosophies and beliefs, and providing the common ground upon which the scientific and spiritual may commune.

Ideas to Explore


holographic and quantum brain; brain research; intention and changes in brain structure and function


the hard problem, current views on the nature of consciousness, scientific and philosophical


the phenomena of a nonlocal reality; nonlocal mind

Quantum Reality

the role of mind in theories of quantum physics and reality; the role of quantum physics in theories of mind


Jungian depth psychology and the relationships among mind, soul and synchronicity; the nature and phenomena of meaningfulness in inner and outer acausal experiences

Remote Viewing

anomalous mental capabilities; history; research and applications

Worth Noting

Book: Irreducible Mind

A new (2007), hefty (800-page) seminal work has been published which will most certainly become a classic reference in the years to come. Irreducible Mind is a comprehensive review and critique of the history, theories and research of Mind, providing ample empirical evidence for the thesis "that the materialistic consensus that undergirds practically all of current mainstream psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy of mind is fundamentally flawed." (p. xiii)

Note: In coming months, this work will be cited and referenced on various pages of this website and links to those pages will be added, here.