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Personal Remarks

This website has evolved from more than fifty years of personal interests and life experiences. In high school I was interested and involved in science and debating. My undergraduate interests and activities shifted to speech, drama and philosophy. I pursed graduate degrees in education, with a focus on modern educational technology, including media and computers, educational and developmental psychology and research. I conducted research on the design of educational media for children and health care professionals, developed technology and media for mother/infant education, I taught at the high school and university levels, and worked for more than twenty years in medical education before retiring. 

Fifty years ago my college forensics tournament speech was entitled, Evolution Versus Religion, Or Evolution And Religion, a subject still hotly disputed. In a paper for a graduate research seminar I proposed a conceptual model of learning which included a chemical component, at that time a radical idea in my field of education. That paper turned out to be a significant factor in the award of a doctoral fellowship I received several years later.

Thirty years ago, in a seminar titled Mind and Media, I introduced graduate students to  emerging ideas, theories, research and philosophy in cognition, learning and holographic memory. About the same time, I proposed another radical idea, building a theoretical basis for educational assessment on the control function in living systems.

Then, nearly eight years ago, just before and following my retirement, I experienced a rich series of meaningful coincidences, i.e. synchronicities. It was at that time I began to develop the first version of the website, Synchronicity and the Enfolded...

Today and during the past ten years or so, a cornucopia of books, papers, research and activities has spilled upon us rich, nourishing and fruitful ideas, theories, investigations and findings. Central to it all
is a new paradigm shift for, but not yet accepted by, traditional science. At the heart of this is the prospect of the integration of science and spirituality.

It is with this background and these new developments that I proceed with the redesign and development of this new website, Unfolding the Enfolded....

- Tom Nielsen, EdD
March, 2006
September, 2007 (redesign)