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Cosmos, Mind & Soul



We have a problem, a problem of soul.

The popular Western idea of soul is the result of a dualism set up by Rene Descartes when he withdrew the soul from the inanimate clockwork of Nature, dividing spirit from matter. Yet modern scientific thinking in quantum physics and astrophysics, biology, depth psychology and philosophy is leading us to a new worldview in which there is a spiritual, soulful, psychic aspect of Nature.

Furthermore, insights from Eastern philosophy and Western mystical Christianity are permeating old mental barriers to an understanding of the non-separable wholeness and non-local nature of a living cosmos. Consequently, we are better able to appreciate and value the meaningful communion of inner experience and outer reality found in soul-making synchronicity.

Defining Soul

Let's begin by considering a definition of soul,

the spiritual nature of human beings, regarded as immortal, separable from the body at death,...
                      --American Heritage College
                         Dictionary, 3rd Edition

Then entertain the possibility that soul may be the vital aspect of all living things, not just human beings; that soul individuates, growing a unique being imbued with character and spirit within the bounds of Nature's habits.

Ideas to Explore


Since there is so much to discover and explore, I have selected four key ideas and use them to organize content and links related to soul.


the nature and phenomena of meaningfulness in inner and outer acausal experiences; synchronicity and non-locality; synchronicity as soul-making individuation


Eastern and Western philosophies of soul; Jungian depth psychology; individuation as growth of Self and soul; Jungian and sentic archetypes  [currently unavailable]


the natural, effortless unfolding of life; fostering and nurturing flow


prayer in relationship to mind; the non-locality of prayer; scientific study of the effects of prayer

Worth Noting


biologically-based forms of emotion expressed in music