Unfolding the Enfolded...

Cosmos, Mind & Soul

Theological Implications of Connectivity


Laszlo offers two concepts of the Devine, one the minimum, the other the maximum. In the minimum, a Devine agency (God) creates the potentials for a self-creating universe but is not required for divine intervention thereafter.  In this minimum concept the processes of virtual domain's  'in-forming' are the means by which God guides the unfolding of the evolutionary process.

In the minimum concept of the Devine, encoded in the primordial virtual energy domain were two potentials, one for the manifest entities and one for consciousness.

In the maximum concept, that domain constitutes the primordial nature of God.
[Laszlo, p. 116]

Thus, with the maximum concept of the Devine, two perspectives are possible.

When manifest entities assume the standpoint of an external observer, they find that evolution leads from a field of virtual energies endowed with pure potentials (the primordial cosmic plenum), to a virtual energy-field containing the full record of the realization of those potentials (the fully in-formed field at the termination of the evolutionary process). And when manifest  entities take the stance of the introspective observer, they find that evolution leads from a mystical nothingness filled with potential to a mystical coherence that embraces everything in the whole of experience.

In the maximum concept the introspective perspective on the scale of the cosmos as a whole is the perspective of God....The evolutionary process occurs within God's consciousness...[and it all ends] in the complete coherence of all things that exist in space and time.  It marks the full achievement of divine creativity: ultimate coherence in the mind of God. [Laszlo, pp. 117-118]