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The Trickster


Allan Combs and Mark Holland reveal the ties of synchronicity to mythology and archetypal psychology.


In the mythologies of many peoples, the mythic figure who is the embodiment of the unexpected is the Trickster....

He is known to the Native American peoples as Ictinike, Coyote,... Best known to us in the West is the Greek god Hermes, who represents the most comprehensive and sophisticated manifestation of the Trickster....he is the quintessential master of boundaries and transitions.

Synchronistic coincidences are, from the Jungian perspective, boundary events.

We seem most accessible to the synchronistic gifts of the Trickster when we ourselves are at or near boundaries or are experiencing transition states.

...periods of major life transitions seem to be occasioned by an abundance of meaningful coincidence. Personal growth sees not only to facilitate synchronicity, but in turn to be facilitated by it.

...as an archetype, the Trickster, the boundary dweller, finds expression through human imagination and experience....

       -- Excerpts from Chapter 5, Hermes the Trickster,  in
               Synchronicity - Science, Myth, and the Trickster.