Unfolding the Enfolded...

Cosmos, Mind & Soul

Mind, Soul and the Akashic Field


The Akashic Field exists within and beyond spacetime. Mind and
Soul are encoded holographically as information in the Akashic Field.


It's as if the Akashic Field were a sea of water and spacetime were a sponge immersed in it; the sea penetrating the sponge, filling all the voids within it. From this virtual (i.e., unobservable but inferable) Akashic Field--the sea--comes all real (observable) energy and matter of spacetime--the sponge--and back into the field--the sea--all real energy and matter ultimately return.

Throughout the Akashic Field--this pre-physical, virtual sea--Mind and Soul are encoded holographically as information: interference patterns of ripples and waves generated and accessed by real entities in spacetime; in-forming, guiding and shaping them. This information is non-local, eternal, unbound by space and time. The information is natural and physical law, memory, individual and collective consciousness, intelligence, spirituality, love, free will and intention. Perhaps it is, all, The Devine.

Ideas to Explore


diagram of spacetime in the Akashic Field


diagram of mind in the Akashic Field


diagram of soul in the Akashic Field