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The Akashic Field


A-field  is the name Ervin Laszlo has given to the zero-point field (ZPF) of quantum physics. He derived it from a concept from Indian philosophy, the Akashic Chronicle, the record of everything that happens in the world traced in the Akashic Field.

Ideas to Explore

Zero-point Field

[The A-field,] the zero-point field of the quantum vacuum[,] is not only a superdense, energy field; it is also a super-rich information field--the holographic memory of the universe....The A-field takes its place among the fundamental fields of the universe, joining science's G-field (the gravitational field), EM-field (the electromagnetic field), and the various nuclear and quantum fields.

The Akashic Field may be an age-old intuition shared by countless generations, but the field named after it is a radical innovation in  contemporary science. [Laszlo, p. 56]