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Coherence in the Living World


Though randomness plays a pivotal role in conventional science, it is --or should be--clear that there is not enough time for most living processes to proceed and evolve primarily by the effects of randomness. Laszlo argues that we must replace the concepts of mechanical order and randomness with dynamic order in the organism.

Dynamic order in the organism is an order where the components are organized by a system-wide correlation that replaces randomness with a stable and dependable pattern. It is thanks to this correlation that organisms can maintain themselves in the inherently unstable, and physically entirely improbable regime far from thermodynamic equilibrium--the dynamic regime required to store and mobilize the energy for life's irreversible processes. [ Laszlo, p. 18]

Ideas to Explore

Body Fields

...all parts of the living matrix create fields that infuse the organism and radiate into the environment at different frequencies, including the frequency of visible light....The specific resonance frequency of each molecule, cell, tissue and organ coordinates its behavior with all others, creating long-range phase correlations similar to those that occur in superfluidity and superconductivity. [Laszlo, p. 19]

Nonlocal Coherence

The experiments show that supercooled aggregates of matter... behave as nonlocal waves, penetrating through the condensate.... This process also occurs in living tissue and accounts for certain aspects of of the organism's nonlocal coherence.

Nonlocal coherence in living systems suggests that organisms constitute a macroscopic quantum system. Laszlo, p. 19]

In the organism molecular reactions at different pace-time points carry out individual functions, but the oordination of the functions in ensured by quantum coherence. Laszlo, p. 20]

Living, Macroscopic Quantum System

An integrated and unified vision of living and non-living systems seems to be emerging: a quantum vision of life and world.

The concept of the living organism as a macroscopic quantum system places in question the dominant paradigm for investigation of the living state. The essential features of this state appear to be not molecular and biochemical, but quantum-level and quantum-physical. Laszlo, pp. 20-21]

Transorganic Coherence

Laszlo also states there is ample evidence from evolutional and experimental biology for a high level of coherence with the organism's milieu.