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Coherence in the Sphere of Mind


From a personal perspective, within an individual human mind coherence is manifest when the mind selects and organizes elements into meaningful and irreducible wholes, or gestalts.

In contrast, from a transpersonal perspective, coherence among minds of different individuals is also manifest. Anthropologists have discovered people from primitive cultures who are able to remain in extrasensory contact with one another. And reports of controlled laboratory studies offer evidence of thought and image transference, remote viewing and other transpersonal, psi phenomena. Laszlo, pp. 27-29

Not only thoughts, images and stimuli can be experienced, transpersonally, across time and space, but bodily, somatic effects can be experienced transpersonally as well.

The "telesomatic" rather than "telepathic" transpersonal effects consist of physiological changes triggered in the organism of the receiver by intentional processes in the mind of the sender. [ Laszlo, pp. 34-35]

Ideas to Explore

Image Transference

similar brain wave patterns for individuals separated spatially

Cell Culture Responses

between individuals and cultures of their cells

Remote Viewing

In electrically shielded chambers; across great distances

Altered States of Consciousness

rhythmic breathing; expanded consciousness

Remote Healing

shamanic healing; non-local medicine

Binaural Beat Brainwaves

accessing anomalous states of consciousness with binaural technology