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Cosmos, Mind & Soul

Coherence in Nature and in Mind


Coherence is a fundamental phenomenon in the physical world. It accounts for the fitness, the togetherness, the effectiveness of components and sub-components, the actions and processes of systems and sub-systems. Coherence is evident when things fit well, flow smoothly, are in sync play and work well together with a minimum expenditure of energy and effort, feel good or right, are 'healthy,' and enhance and advance the system, its components and situation.

Defining Coherence



There are two forms of coherence to note. The first is the standard form observed in optical interference experiments where light shows an interference pattern due to a loss of phase coherence that occurs at distances greater than a few meters.

The second, more complex and intriguing form occurs when coherence is maintained over limitless spans of space and time, showing a quasi-instantaneous correlation of the separated parts of a system. This is the phenomenon termed nonlocality, first confirmed in quantum physics, now evident at all levels of reality: the quantum, cosmic, organic, and transpersonal. It's what Einstein termed "weird action at a distance."

Ideas to Explore

Coherence in the Physical World

quantum & cosmic nonlocality

Coherence in the Living World

body fields; non-local coherence; macroscopic quantum system; trans-organic coherence

Coherence in the Sphere of Mind

personal &transpersonal coherence: mental & somatic

Understanding Coherence

anomalous coherence implies a system-wide field, physical fields, biological fields, transpersonal fields