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Coherence in the Physical World


Coherence in the physical world was once thought to exist only at the quantum level. However, there is substantial evidence that coherence exists at all levels, including the quantum and the cosmic.

Ideas to Explore

Same Source Interference

It turns out that whether photons that are emitted at intervals of a few seconds in the laboratory or at intervals of thousands of years in the universe, those that originate from the same source interfere with each other.

Coupling Destroys Coherence

The interference of photons and other quanta is extremely fragile; any coupling with another system destroys it. [Laszlo, p. 8]


In experiments to detect which of two paths an electron takes, when the detector is coupled to the light source, the superposed state of the photons is destroyed, even if the detector is not turned on.

It appears that the very possibility of the "which path detection " destroys the superposed state of the photons. [Laszlo, p. 9]

Conscious Observer Not Required

The results of photon path detection experiments can be performed with or without anyone watching.

Consequently they do away with the theory that a conscious observer is needed to collapse the wavefunction. And they also show that measurable physical interaction is not a necessary condition of the collapse: it also occurs in its absence. Laszlo, p. 9]

Cosmic Coherence

Laszlo presents some of the evidence for  coherence at the cosmic level, including such facts as:

  • the universe is precisely flat;

  • the Big Bang was finely tuned to the staggering precision of one part in 1050;

  • the universe's forces are precisely tuned to the parameters of its matter particles; and

  • such basic universal forces (e.g., electromagnetic field) and constants  (gravity and Planck's) are precisely tuned to the evolution of complex systems, including those associated with life, which, otherwise, would not have developed.

  •  [ Laszlo, pp. 11-16]