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Cosmos, Mind & Soul

Understanding Coherence


Ervin Laszlo argues that cosmology, quantum physics, biology and consciousness cannot explain many of the anomalies of coherence with their current paradigms. Consequently, they resort to extra, ad hoc assumptions, increasing complex adjuncts or even deny the data. However, eventually new paradigms are developed to replace the old ones, and that is occurring at this time in some avant-garde research communities.

Laszlo then offers a series of propositions from which he concludes, "that anomalous coherence implies a system-wide field."
[Laszlo, p. 40]

Ideas to Explore

Quasi-instantaneous Correlations

Anomalous coherence in a system implies quasi-instantaneous correlation among the parts and components of that system.

System-wide Connectivity

Such correlation implies system-wide connectivity.

Interconnecting Medium

System-wide connectivity implies in turn the presence of an interconnection medium.

System-wide Field

In a realist perspective the interconnecting medium is a system-wide field.