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David Bohm and Ervin Laszlo consider information to be a fundamental feature of the universe, an aspect that actually "forms."


Although most of us think of information as data or what a person knows, physicists and other empirical scientists are discovering that information extends far beyond the mod of an individual person or even all people put together. In fact, it is an inherent aspect of nature. The great maverick physicist David Bohm called it "in-formation," meaning a message that actually "forms" the recipient. In-formation is not something that we produce by writing, calculating, speaking, and messaging. As ancient sages knew, and as scientists are now rediscovering, in-formation is produced by the real world and is conveyed by a fundamental field that is present throughout nature. [Laszlo, p. 2]

The universe is not just particles, atoms and larger structures or vibrating strings, but also consists of fields and forces that carry energy and  information. The field holding and carrying information Laszlo calls the Akashic Field or A-field. The presence of in-formation in nature is a fundamental tenet of Laszlo's connectivity hypothesis.