Unfolding the Enfolded...

Cosmos, Mind & Soul

TOE - A Theory of Everything

Arianna asked: 'Mommy, I have a big toe,

and you have a big toe, and Daddy has a big toe.

Does God have a big toe too?'

                                                                     --rabbi Marc Gellman 


Ervin Laszlo has formulated a Theory of Everything (TOE) articulating an emerging, evolutionary paradigm shift in science and providing a powerful, integral philosophy of science and reality, of cosmos, mind and soul.

Defining TOE

Let's start with a popular definition from the internet's - Wikipedia

A theory of everything (TOE) is a theory of theoretical physics and mathematics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena.

However, there is more to the universe than physical phenomena: life and living systems, mind and consciousness, soul and spirit. The TOE of quantum physics and relativity is not comprehensive enough to be a complete TOE.

Laszlo's theory of everything (TOE) is not narrowly limited to physics and mathematics, but broadly expansive, including all sciences and all aspects of knowing and reality.

With Laszlo's TOE we have a new paradigm for comprehending, investigating, fully explaining and linking together all known phenomena of cosmos, life, mind and spirit: a new paradigm for a new reality; for the cohesive, oneness of non-local cosmos, life and consciousness; for what was, ever, and what will ever be.

Ideas to Explore


a meaningful,  'in-forming' universe


universal connectedness, non-locality, unity and entanglement, Laszlo's connectivity hypothesis


universal, holographic memory

Akashic Field

energy, matter, quantum vacuum, Zero-Point Energy, Zero-Point Field


human, living and cosmic consciousness

Worth Noting

Requirements of a Viable Theory

 "...a theory that doesn't explain all of the following phenomena doesn't adequately explain any of them:

  • "psychological experience, including self- awareness, intention, sensation, perception, cognition, memory, learning, curiosity, creativity, intelligence, intention, intuition, emotion, social bonding, collective unconscious, altered states, dissociation, ultiple personalities, and lucid dreaming;

  • "parapsychological and psychic phenomena, including precognition, telepathy, remote viewing, psychokinesis (micro-PK, bio-PK, retro-PK), medical intuition, energy healing, psychometry, synchronicity phenomena, apparitions, mediumship, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, evidence suggesting reincarnation; and

  • "non-experiential, radically related phenomena, including life per se, the evolution of species, morphogenesis, "morphic resonance," quantum entanglement, "water memory", and the homing behavior of pigeons and other animals."
                - The Theory of Enformed Systems